Friday, November 13, 2009

Market Emotion

      After trading for sometime, I have concluded that the forex, stock or futures market is the best place to grind our emotional strength. Trading the market is like playing with the snakes. Our objective is to control the snake but first, we need to over come the fear. It moves is such a way, we're often whipped and squeeze out of profit burning what ever we have previously made. The price may soar sky high make a sharp u-turn to scare us shitless before continue the trend. Anyone without any balls will be trapped in this emotional swing.

     Despite the spikes and thorns in the market, we are tempted like drugged due to the volatility. We believe, with persistence  and determination, we'll make it to the scarce cream group of successful trader. Little did we know, without rock hard discipline and proper ice cold analysis our losses often continue to streak. So I guess it's not as simple as buy or sell only.

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