Monday, November 9, 2009

Toy Museum

     It was my girlfriend's birthday yesterday, when I have finally decided to bring her to Toy Museum after never ending nagging from her. Apparently there are 10 million toys displayed in that place. We were so excited, we forgo shopping in gurney just to make sure we had enough time to feast our eyes onto the toys before our dinner in E&O.

     As I walked into the museum after paying a hefty RM10 fee, I realized, we made a terrible mistake coming to this place. The racks are roughly placed, the toys are not properly organized and they're all in aquariums (at least, that's how it looked). We found "fung wan" cramping together with "Victor" from Corpse Bride. "Apparently" Tim Burton wrote both stories according to the museum director. The path was like a maze, except in a maze, you could walk properly and in this museum, you concentrate on not to trip on the uneven floor rather than enjoy the toys. The only toys available there are all cartoons or movies characters. I was kind of hoping to see classical cars, control vehicles, guns, rifle, gundams etc...etc...and etc which are all not there. I bet we find better arrangement and toys in the supermarket departmental store.

      There were indeed almost 10 million toys but I rather see 10 thousand specially selected toys than all the millions stuffed together unorganized. We saw a live sized Alien, which is beheaded left lying on the stage, kissing the floor with the sponges bursting out. Arragon looks like he's kicked on the balls and Lara Croft in the museum went through a tits reduction treatment. The live sized Darth Vader was holding a broken lightsaber. If I were him, I would say to the manager "Now your failure is COMPLETE!" with american accent and style.

      I'll be very straight in this, UNLESS YOU WANT DISAPPOINTMENT, DON"T GO! I'm a photo addict but it sucked so much, that I don't bother to even post any photo at all! (forgot to bring camera actually). The most interesting thing about the museum is the free toilet where we can pee into the belly of the egyptian sculpture.

     So, if I were the owner of the museum, what sort of arrangement I would have? That's very basic, what people want to see is what they did not expect to see or happen. Have a live sized Freddy Kruger  and Jason greeting behind as the door open is a good idea. The element of surprise is very important if we want to create massive impact; remember pearl harbor? And I'll have guns, planes and model control cars for rent at an expensive fee. Destroy them and you pay double the price. All the Aliens would crawling on the walls of the museum but only visible as we see them from the second floor. They'll appear as if they're attacking the visitors on the first floor. 

      Entering the T-Rex mouth we'll go into Jurassic Park, everything is for sale. From dinosaur eggs to the mammoth testicles. What's the point if the museum is not making any money? After all, it's a giant toy shop. The most important toys are displayed in the toilet; sex toys. I think they're the best sellers. 


Hui Yi said...

Toy musuem owner must be crying after he read this blog.. haha~ anyhow, my feeling towards toy musuem - badly dissapointed. That's all.

Wong How Jun said...

Well, if I were the museum owner I'll probably closed it down already.