Monday, November 16, 2009

It'll always be my fault

     I guess it's the Malaysian custom to blame someone when ever a problem arises. It's almost a ritual to follow whenever something happens, some one aught to be scolded. At least that happens in the company I work at. I received a call from office saying that one of my subordinate did a mistake. And the message continue with "investigate who did that and scold him". Why did scolding has to be associated with problem solving? I simply cannot see the logic behind.   In the end I managed to solve the problem without even knowing who did the mistake. Or rather, I solved my problem without bothering to know who did that. 

     The way I see things are simple, I always look at the bigger picture. It's always true that we have to take care the bigger problem before solving the little ones. So, I did a simple psychology experiment. I asked the coordinator (the person who makes the appointment and arrange the operation schedule) to make the first appointment which usually she's quite reluctant to do. As predicted, she refused just like the way I predicted. So I blew up the case and made it looked like a big issue. The following day, the boss arranged a special meeting with the whole department and told us why we should not ask her to call the client for the first treatment. 

     For me, it's the matter of a simple appointment. What is the use of a coordinator when she can't coordinate? The biggest issue is, the employer is giving reasons on behalf of the employee's incompetence in front of the managers. That's like hitting your wife in front of your child. It's so wrong. 

     I think solving problem is a simple matter of setting the appropriate mentality and priority. It's is not about making anyone feel bad. Neither is it about punishing anyone. It is about improving the situation. 

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